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Receiving Bitcoins
Sending Bitcoins

1.1 What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is an internet based, decentralized currency. No one controls it, and everyone can use it.
1.2 What is the blockchain?
The blockchain is a ledger of all Bitcoin transactions on the Bitcoin Network. It is created by servers minting a new block (using their computational power) about once every 10 minutes. Anyone can view every transaction on the blockchain, including how many Bitcoins you have, who you got money from and who you sent coins to. Transactions you make on Inputs are private.
1.3 What are the fees?
We currently only have one fee - 0.0005 BTC per outgoing Bitcoin network transaction. This is to cover Bitcoin network fees, as well as other costs such as email sending, and additional wallet size created. Transaction fees are needed to ensure the speedy processing of the transactions you make.
1.4 What is your privacy policy?
  • In addition to information you explictly provide to us, we collect your IP address and useragent.
  • We place cookies on your browser for the purposes of maintaining your session.
  • We don't track you across sites that use the Inputs buttons, nor use third party services that track you.
  • We may share information with third parties if required by a valid subpoena or court order, or in relation to abuse or attacks on our services.
  • This privacy policy is not final and may be changed at any time without notice.
1.5 Can I delete my account?
Yes. Please contact support. Account deletions are irreversible and have a cooling off period as a result. We will securely erase account information from our servers and transaction information if both parties have deleted their account, however they may persist in our encrypted backup systems for up to 90 days.

Receiving Bitcoins

2.1 How long does it take for bitcoins to become confirmed?
If you were sent bitcoins through the Bitcoin network, it will be unconfirmed at first. This is when it is not included in a block. A transaction may be double spent, it is like sending two checks for $10 each when you only have one $10. It generally takes 5 to 15 minutes for transactions with an appropriate fee to have one confirmation.

  • Incoming Bitcoin payments below 5 BTC are credited with 1 confirm (~10 mins)
  • Transactions between 5 and 20 BTC are credited with 2 confirms (~20 mins)
  • Transactions between 20 and 40 BTC are credited with 3 confirms (~30 mins)
  • Transactions between 40 and 70 BTC are credited with 4 confirms (~40 mins)
  • Transactions above 70 BTC are credited with 5 confirms (~50 mins)
Instant transactions (through email addresses) confirms instantly.
2.2 Are there any fees for receiving?
There are no fees for receiving bitcoins.
2.3 Why can I create multiple Bitcoin addresses?
Having multiple addresses allows you to give an address to each person, and recongize what payments are for. It also provides greater anonymity as coins enter the network.
2.4 My transaction is never confirming!
The Bitcoin network assigns each transaction a priority. Small or 'spammy' transactions without enough fees by the sender may be never confirmed. We cannot help this in any way, other than telling the sender to pay an appropriate fee next time. Note that we always pay the suggested fee.
2.5 Can I get desktop notifications when I receive a transaction?
Yes, we support desktop notifications. You must use a browser that has support for this feature, such as Chrome / Chromium. Enable the notifications under transactions, and allow it from your browser and you'll be notified when you send or receive bitcoins in any window.

Sending Bitcoins

3.1 What are the advantages of sending to an email versus a Bitcoin address?
Quite a few :
  • No fees. The transaction does not need to go through the Blockchain, and isn't subject to a 0.0005 BTC fee.
  • Instant - the transaction confirms instantly.
  • No double spending risk.
  • Anonymity - the transaction is not broadcasted and recorded in the Blockchain
3.2 What is the note field?
You can add a note to the transaction that is visible to you and the receiver. This can be used to let them know what the transaction is for (eg 'Thanks for helping me out') but can be also used to communicate to sites - some may require you to enter your username on their site, or an order number, etc.
3.3 What if I send to another bitcoin address?
If you send to a bitcoin address that is actually an user, we'll process the transaction off the chain, meaning you get all the benefits without paying any fees.
3.4 What are vouchers?
Vouchers are codes that you can generate (which deducts bitcoins from your account), and the person who redeems them will get the amount of bitcoins credited to their account. There are no fees.


4.1 How do I know my coins will be safe with you?
We handle thousands of Bitcoins for CoinLenders which has never been hacked for months, a rarity in the Bitcoin world, and expands upon all the security measures.
  • Passwords hashed with SHA256 before sent to the server - we never know your password
  • Passwords bcrypted on the server with user unique salt
  • SSL encryption to protect against MITM attacks
  • Randomized PIN pad protects against nearly all keyloggers
  • Location based authorization - email confirmation required when signing in from new geographical location
  • Optional two factor auth protects against malware and remote compromise
  • Configurable account sending limits on a rolling 48 hour window
  • XSS (Cross site scripting) hardened
  • Automatic account locking after a number of attempts to thwart brute force attacks
  • IP based login rate throttling
  • Anti phishing bar - makes it harder for phishing sites to be effective
  • Session tied to IP address & useragent, and is regenerated upon login - preventing session fixation attacks
  • Protected against SQL injections by escaping all possible user input
  • CSRF countered by requiring a token for requests
  • Recovering password and PIN requires recovery key - no risk if your email is compromised.
  • Cold storage system protects coins against server compromise
  • Automated and manual security auditing system
  • Web server (the one you are connected to now) communicates to hot pocket and main server securely. Zero bitcoins are kept on this server.
  • Optional GPG auth requires decryption of a key in order to sign in
  • Tor detection - accounts that registered using Tor can use Tor, other accounts may not for security reasons
4.2 What is two factor authentication?
2 factor auth requires the entry of a 6 digit number every time you want to sign in. This number is generated locally on your phone, and is updated every 30 seconds. This means that an attacker must need to compromise your phone as well in order to access your coins. We strongly recommend enabling 2 factor if you have a compatible smartphone. A Google account is not needed, the system and software are made by Google, but it's powered by cryptography locally.
4.3 What is GPG auth?
GPG auth requires you to decrypt a key using your GPG key that you gave the fingerprint to. It's great security for advanced users who know what they are doing, however keep in mind that if you lose your key you will lose access to your account if you don't have an active session.
4.4 Help! I forgot my [password / PIN / lost 2 factor]
The only way to recover your password and PIN is to use your written down account recovery key. You can reset 2 factor through a wizard. See the recovery page for more info.
4.5 I forgot my password and do not have my recovery key
Sorry, but we cannot help you. This policy is to protect our users against account compromises through social engineering.


5.1 I need to contact
Please send us an email to - include all the relevant information.